Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Wreath

My Sis-In-Law, DyAnn, and I decided to get our Martha on for girls day this week.  We both wanted to make a Halloween wreath for our front doors.  We did some searching on Pinterest and finally found something we liked, courtesy of Martha.  

They turned out great and we love them!  Russ thought it was 'very black and eerie.'  Thanks, Russ, that's what I was hoping for.  Spooky and yet a little elegant.  I love it!
I didn't get a picture of DyAnn's but here's a picture of mine!

I kind of like the skeleton sitting up there.  He wasn't attached though, so he fell out when I closed the door.  PJ has since decided that 'she' is her new friend and won't let me put him back up there.

We saw the idea on Pinterest via Martha Stewart.  You can see Martha's instructions HERE.  
I used a straw wreath form from one of the local craft stores.  Straw was cheaper than the foam, so I went with that.  I wasn't sure whether or not to remove the saran wrap, as this was my first time using a straw wreath.  The answer is NO!  Don't remove the saran wrap.  Lucky for me I researched that before I made a big mess. :)  The next thing to do that I didn't is to spray paint your wreath first.  Mine turned out ok...but I wish I would have painted it before sticking in the flowers.  DyAnn used a pool noodle wreath form that she made.  There's a tutorial HERE,
We found our silk roses at Savers, Deseret Industries, and a few at Wal-Mart. Savers and the DI were definately the cheapest way to go.  Cheap spray paint from Wally World, and some half off ribbon from Hobby Lobby completed the ensemble.  Yippee!  Such a cute wreath for Halloween!


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