Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DINO-mite Baby Shower

A Dinosaur baby shower....for a baby girl?  When you're Daddy is a paleontologist and builds dinosaurs that's what happens.  We went with a pink and green theme and had lots of fun putting it together.  Rachel at I {heart} Crafty Things helped me with it (ALOT!).  The Rachel, Nancy (the new mom), and I all went to high school together, and had a blast throwing the party.

Our Pink and Green refreshment table.  (my camera didn't do it justice)  Some of the items were elevated and we had lots of little dinosaurs running around on the table.  We also added in a lot of pink and green candy because Nancy LOVES candy.

For one of the treats I made Dinosaur Egg Rice Krispie Treats.  I really tried to find something like this on Pinterest, but ended up with only instructions for the dirt dino-eggs.  Not what I wanted.  So, I got creative and experimented a little with the rice krispie treat recipe.

After an evening of research on keeping them soft and gooey this is what I did...The biggest keys are to not over cook them, don't compact them, and  DO NOT use the microwave!  I started with the original Rice Krispie Treats recipe, but instead of 10 oz of marshmallows I used the entire 16 oz bag.   Measure out your Krispies first, then melt the butter and marshmallows together on LOW heat.  When the marshmallows are just barely melted through, is when you take it off the stove.  They will puff up all nice and gooey, but still have their shape.  Then add the krispies as directed.  I let it cool for just a moment before I started shaping my eggs.  I needed LOTS and LOTS of butter on my hands for this.  If the mixture is too warm it won't stick, so just keep shaping them.  The big key here is not to compact the krispies.  The more you compact them the harder your treats will be.  I had to be patient (hard for me) and just keep shaping a few of them.

**Note - even though I washed my dinos in hot water, my krispies tasted a bit like plastic.  
Next time I would wrap them in wax paper or saran wrap before shaping into eggs.**

Just a few friends that I picked up at the dollar store!  They had to come party with us!

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